Handmade Drones

Drone Version 5 I have tried to develop several Drones. Each drone was developed based on a concept of “Cute” 😉

For a cute appearance, I have tried to adopt only one Coaxial Rotor to control the drones so that I make a drone’s body small and cute.  It’s a very challenging activity to control a drone by the mechanism but it’s enjoyable works.

Yamaguchi Mini Maker Faire 2015These drones I made were exhibited on several “Makers” Events, e.g. Yamaguchi Mini Maker Faire 2015 (YMMF 2015), MONO CAFE 2015 and Myojowaraku 2015. The right picture is an appearance of the exhibition (YMMF 2015).

I also publish a part of Drone Making movie. Please see it.