Fabric Works

FabricWorks2Handmade Sweater I love Fabric Works. I usually knit something during a waiting time riding on a train or bus. These right pictures are fabric goods I made; a Sweater and a Scarf. The sweater was knitted by using several knitting needles and the scarf was knitted by a crochet needle.

FabricWorks3 I’m also very curious to developing a fabric goods collaborating with a Digital Hardware. The right picture is one of the goods. The concept was “Heartwarming Robot”.

FabricWork1 Every year, I tried to make a Halloween Ware using Electric Handcrafts. The right picture is my handmade Pumpkin Hat with Ghost patch. The patch was made by using strings with electrostatic property and can light up LED.  Please see the movie below. The movie shows another pumpkin hat I made.