Digital Fabrications

CADMaterialsAs one of my works for supporting educational environment for Japanese History, I tried to reconstructing “Kyoto Gosho”, which is an ancient Imperial Palace in Kyoto, by using Computer Graphics. 3D PrinterThe right picture shows several architectural literatures for reconstructing the palace by CAD.  The right picture shows a shape model printed by using 3D printer. The reconstructed model is using as an educational material for a university lecture of Japanese History easy to understand  ancient ceremonies in the palace by CG animation.

I made a digital fabrication product “Anywhere Door AR”. “Aywhere Door” is one of a SF tool in Japanese Animation “Doraemon”. The door takes a user where the user want to go. We (I and Anywhere DoorMy friend, Keizo Nagamine) tried to reappear the function of “Anywhere Door” by using Augmented Reality Technology (AR) in a local hackathon event.  I designed the door by using CAD and print out it by 3D printer. Then, I setting several electronic hardwares, Raspberry Pi and Servo Motor, on the Door.  The mechanism is that, at first, a user call a place where the user want to go by a mobile device. The mobile device recognize the voice input and convert it to text string and send it to a server running on Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi send a signal for opening the Door to a servo motor. The opened Door has marker for AR. By recognizing the marker, the mobile device shows CG buildings of the place in the door frame. Please see a demo movie “Anywhere Door AR”.